now's the time.

With Twelvemark

Adapt, Excell & Achieve the new age of commerce where experience is the new king.


This time is to observe changing markets and consumer patterns and to build business strengthened by digital powers.

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who we are

Twelvemark is a new-age digital agency comprised of talented individuals from various backgrounds of design, branding and marketing. With Twelvemark our aim is to revolutionise how companies do marketing and branding for their brand with fresh approaches mixed with old school hardcore marketing.


how we are different

Our mindset sets us different from the industry. We like to challenge our abilities to the maximum in pursuit of exploring new possibilities. Rather than delivering a service we believe in delivering an awesome experience to our customers and their audience keeping user experience at the top has made us deliver incredible services.


what we do


Be there where your customers are.

With are social service our aim is to make a brand reach where everyone in the 21st century loves to interact and share thoughts on that is social media. Our aim is to make make the brand's message reach every possible audience on social media through educative and relevant content backed up with a superior strategy and analysis support.

We are a digital company that creates thought-provoking work for global brands across Social, Web & Branding.


A 24X7 salesman representing what your brand stands for.

A website is like a modern-day brochure but on steroids. The website represents a brand on the internet, it's like a salesperson that conveys brand message provides necessary details about a brand and works for you 24/7. We help in building superior web experiences to reach the masses and to represent your brand identity e in the best way possible. We build web experience which is both aesthetically and content-wise targeted towards your potential audience.


Represent the core idea of your business.

We help companies build their brand identity which represents them and their motive with the products and services they sell.

Branding involved complete designing of a company's persona in an aesthetic manner. At Twelvemark we lay high emphasis on delivering a design with the deep meaning behind it in order to build an authentic and long-lasting image in the market which gives an impact to the customer and is also remembered by them.


how we do it

We are a company that does things differently.

how we do social

Our approach towards Social media is to focus on gathering targeted audience to watch content, focused towards your brand or products.

The process commences like :

Social Strategy
Content Creation
Ad Management
Influencer Marketing

how we do web

Website is a brand’s profile,  a type of look book that will give every essential detail of your brand to a person to convert him to a customer. The web experience building commences like this :

Web Strategy
Website Creation
Web Marketing

how we do branding

In branding our approach is to convey a message in a creative manner. The branding process commences like this :

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Content Creation

Does this sound like something your brand requisites?




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